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Thanks for visiting! Spirit Souls is 100% Pure NZ and since 1999, our phone Psychic readings have helped many Kiwis! Our goal is to guide, inspire and empower you towards your best future!

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Looking for Psychic Readings Auckland or anywhere in NZ?
No problem, your personal live Tarot reading is just a phone call away!
A wonderful chance to evaluate your life, where you are, and your future.
Experienced, gifted NZ professional Tarot reader, ready to help you with the answers you are seeking. The aim, to connect with you on a deeper level for quality phone Psychic readings that will provide insight, positive guidance, clarity & direction for your future.
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Our Psychic Testimonials

Spot on as usual, always nails it! Cheers Rodd
A little over 2 years ago, I rang Debbie for love advice. Just celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  Thanks David
Your reading gave me peace of mind at a very stressful time in my life. Nakita.
After talking with Debbie, I knew exactly what to do in dealing with my relationship issues, it all made perfect sense. Amy.
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Please don't hesitate to call on 0800 477474 or for any further questions on the reading process or payment options & appointments.
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