About Spirit Souls
My name is Debbie,  I created Spirit Souls back in 1999 because I wanted to use my knowledge of the Tarot to help others.
My belief is that everyone can benefit from spiritual guidance in all aspects of their lives and that is my wish for you.

Why Spirit Souls?

  • Genuine experienced Tarot readings.
  • Established since 1999.
  • Live Clairvoyant readings.
  • Phone Psychic readings,
  • Understanding & non-judgmental
  • Secure payment options
  • Trusted 0900 service provider
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Wisdom of the Tarot

Reading Tarot is an incredibly useful way to answer life's questions and find guidance. Tapping into the wisdom of the Tarot opens up a deeper connection to psychic intuition offering the opportunity to reflect on the various issues that arise in our lives. From relationships to money questions, to the deeper wondering of life's purpose and destiny, Tarot cards are a wonderful tool.

Tarot de Marseille cards
I discovered the "Tarot de Marseille" over 30 years ago and have been actively and passionately studying it ever since. Tarot for me has been like a constant companion throughout, helping me make sense of my life, my decisions and always bringing clarity to my emotions. My goal is to use the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout the years to help others, therefore, my spiritual readings will always be compassionate, understanding and
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Tarot de Marseille cards
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Please don't hesitate to call on 0800 477474 or for any further questions on the reading process or payment options & appointments.
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